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Why you should not abuse bed bath and beyond coupons

We all love discounts and enjoy saving a few dollars off our purchases. This is one of the reasons a lot of shoppers love to shop with the retail giant, bed bath and beyond. This is because they offer a range of coupons that are familiar to most of us. Their most common popular being the bed bath and beyond 20 off coupon.

Their coupons are so readily available that some people claim to have hundreds or even thousands of them stacked away. We also love the fact that some of their coupons do not expire. Some stores will also accept their expired coupons. You can even redeem coupons from their competition if the competition offers the product you want to buy in their stores. Bed bath and beyond coupons have made this store a very popular one with American and Canadian shoppers.

Many people are however abusing this generosity from the company. There are a few guidelines to using these coupons. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can only redeem one 20% off a single item coupon per shopping cart. This is the general policy although some people swear their store allows them to redeem more than one. Some people abuse this policy by shopping with friends and family and dividing their order into multiple carts. They then let family and friends check them out separately and apply a coupon to each cart. So instead of redeeming a single coupon, they could redeem five at a time by splitting their purchase into five carts and letting five different people checkout for them. This is abuse.
  • You can only get one printable 20% off coupon when you sign up for the bed bath and beyond email newsletters. How are people abusing this policy? A lot of people sign up with multiple email address at different locations (work, school, home or on another person’s device) to get more printable coupons. This only leads to a bloated email list for bed bath and beyond and the redemption of more coupons.
  • Selling coupons on eBay and online: These coupons are not meant to be sold. They are issued free and are meant to be distributed free of charge. However, a few people are selling these coupons on eBay and other online market places. Some of the coupons sold on these sites are the rarer 20 % off entire purchase coupons. People are able to buy them and redeem more of it. Some people also get ripped off. They pay for these coupons and get a coupon that is just a photocopy of the original.

The above are just the most common ways by which people abuse bed bath and beyond coupons.

Why are these abuses bad?

Bed bath and beyond are a for profit business. They are here to make money. They issue coupons in order to attract more shoppers. But the abuse of coupons is having an effect on their bottom line. Bed bath and beyond is due to release its 2nd quarter earnings result later this month. Although their revenue is continuing to grow, their profit is decreasing . This follows the trend of their Q1 financial results. Now this is not solely due to the redemption of coupons but coupons are a part of the reasons for their declining profits. Other factors such as expansion and investments in improved technology are also a part of the reason.

But with more abuse of coupons, their profit margin is reducing. It seems everyone redeems a coupon anytime they shop at bed bath and beyond. If this trend continues, the company could just pass on the losses to the consumer or decide to cancel the coupon program. If we all stick to the guidelines and play fair, we can all continue to then enjoy the benefits of shopping with a bed bath and beyond coupon.